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My current work traces a process of negotiating the modern-day rupture within the discourse of contemporary culture.

Often working with themes of the quotidian, I am seeking to explore the displacement and disappearance which occurs in the wake of rupture; the dissolution of cultural objects as symbols of a culture and time; erasures of artistic markers; and the fading away of the everyday.

Histories, both real and imagined, are told and re-told; and then, untold, and erased. What was once seemingly important, indeed even monumental, slowly dissolves, and then disappears from view, and memory. Erased. Leaving an absence of what went before.

We occupy, and are but a short finger-snap in time, and then disappear, displaced by yet another new appearance.

These erasures, and subsequent absences, are the foci of my studio praxis.

Christopher Huck is currently a PhD candidate in philosophy, art theory, and aesthetics at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts; he received his MFA from Transart Institute, (Berlin + New York) and Plymouth University (Plymouth, UK), in creative process in 2014; and has previously studied at the San Francisco Art Institute; the Minneapolis College of Art + Design; and Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Oaxaca.


  1. Bud Upshaw says

    Chris – I don’t “do” Facebook but sometimes check out stuff that’s “there” via Martha’s Facebook account. Just saw your recent entries about your current work and am so taken by it all. My oh my, what creative evolutions for you and for all who are fortunate enough to view what you’re creating. Stimulated by and grateful for all that you (and Laurie) have and are creating. And how about this: Not surprised. And such special memories I hold……..All the best, always, Bud.

  2. Susan Wirth-White says

    Did you ever think that your intended path is where you are today. In retrospect, are you still a light hearted spirit or has your art turned into your mind? I think back on people that we used to hang out with and a few I know of their whereabouts others, well, just a memory. The passing of Robin Williams has brought much thought and discussion in our household. How about you? Thrilled that you’re in Berlin. Must be exhilarating with an edge to art as you have. Be well and godspeed.

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