current currents…

Pancho Villa and the other; archival gicleé print; 46cm x 61cm


“Otherisation is unavoidable, and for every One, the Other is the Heart of Darkness. The West is as much the Heart of Darkness to the Rest as the latter is to the West. Invention and contemplation of the Other is a continuous process evident in all cultures and societies. But in contemplating the Other, it is necessary to exhibit modesty and admit relative handicap since the peripheral location of the contemplator precludes a complete understanding. This ineluctability is the Darkness.”
-from Olu Oguibe, In the “Heart of Darkness” (4).

Living in the southwest of México, I become other in a sea of otherness. Since moving to Oaxaca some ten years ago, I have been negotiating the experience of other and otherness within my own heart of darkness, as Oguibe puts it, in the art I make and the art I live. What follows on subsequent pages is a small cross-section of that work.


Christopher Huck is currently a PhD student in philosophy, art theory, and aesthetics at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (IDSVA); he received his MFA from Transart Institute for Creative Research, (Berlin, Mexico City, + New York) and Plymouth University (Plymouth, UK), in creative process, in 2014; and has previously studied briefly at the San Francisco Art Institute; the Minneapolis College of Art + Design; the University of Colorado; and the Nova Scotia College of Art + Design (NSCAD).